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All 3 of my Teens tried this *** and it made their Mouths burn and my son was crying and holding his face! WTF is this ***? They though it was a COOL new product and turns out it's a plastic container of PAIN. I would like an explanation for why the *** my kids are all crying after eating a MINT. ????!!!!! They are posting to all of their social media for their schools that no ONE should purchase these mints. How could someone taste test this...
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I didn't like
  • Never again will i buy it
  • Intense pain
  • Too strong for humans
Just had the first experience with Ice Breakers Cool Blasts, 24 Peppermint Chews and the experience was enough to ask for a re-examination and recall of this product. My spouse and myself both had our first chew, and afterwards the burning throat sensation began, follwed by the need to wash the uncomfortable sensation away, yet when you drink water the pain intensifies and is absolutely overwhelming. These cool blasts peppermint chews are...
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I purchased a package of cool blasts spearmint chews last week. I opened them at work and shared on with my coworker who had never had one either. We were both in intense pain in our mouths for a good 20 mins until it gradually dissipated. It was like having brain freeze in your mouth and jaw. Horrible! I don't believe this product should be on the market. Had I given them to my children I would probably be making a trip to the hospital. I see...
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Nice smooth minty flavor upon entering your mouth, savored for few seconds, then a joyful full-flavored burst of mint excitement. They are a great mint experience that lasts just the right amount of time in your refreshed mouth. Ignore those complainers who don't get it or can't handle real mint flavor. This is the mint chew you've been waiting for. A little concerned they are getting hard to find. 99cents Only and Bed Bath & Beyond had...
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I liked
  • Cool blast chews
  • Ice breakewrs cool blasts
I didn't like
  • Hard to find
I have been using Ice Breakers Cool Blasts for a month and I have to say something is not right with them. As soon as I put one in my mouth my throat becomes inflamed and I instantly have to cough to catch my breath. I have never had a mint do this before not even an Altoid which I consider to be one of the strongest mints on the market. With Ice Breakers it happens instantly to the point where I have stopped using them. I saw someone else...
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I was at a wedding and chewed a couple of nints to freshen my breath.Within seconds I experieced the most intense jaw pain ever. It literally took my breath away. Thinking water would help wash it away only made the pain more intense. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain was like nothing I have ever experienced before and was a 10+. This product should be removed from store shelves immediately.I am curious to know what kind of ingredient could cause...
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