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The intense "cool" of an Ice Breaker's Cool Blast Chew is such a "BLAST". I have tried both Peppermint and Spearmint.

My only complaint is that they did not have Wintergreen. I do NOT recommend drinking ice water immediately after eating one of these mints (or for that matter the competing brand of Curiously Strong mint, or any other strong mint). There is an intense cool blast that follows drinking cold liquids following any strong mint product that can be perceived as pain.

It is short-lived and harmless. One reviewer reported nausea, I experienced the opposite, the mint is calming to my stomach, but then I did not ever eat 6 at once like the other reviewer reported (definition of dumb!)

Reason of review: Cool Blast Chews are awesome.

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Love these mints. Everytime there is something good they discontinue

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